Deborah P. Truchan Believes in D’ Art of Living. To divinely live a life of joy. creating each moment using our inherent, and unique qualities , then to express in action our passion. Also as we see, hear, think ,and act together with diversity towards building and supporting a safe community. She practices this as a wife, foster/mother, authored and award  winning chef, master virtues facilitator, member of the Baha’i faith, student  of the quantum , community volunteer, clown, face painter, artist, events planner, and retreat leader. Definitely a change agent , with a wee bit of magic, and with a lot of resources. She welcomes the opportunity to grow with you.

While living on a sailboat in the Vancouver harbor Penny De Marsh attended Langara College where she obtained her Early Childhood Diploma. She also started here family Then as the boat got to small she moved to Alberta with her husband , two sons and two cats . And of course her Harley In 2004 she completed her Virtues Project Facilitator Training and now leads groups in learning the language of the virtues and ways to embrace it in their life. her passion is guiding and supporting families. she has guided parents to consistently set and achieve goals for themselves and for their children by leading groups in learning the language of the virtues and ways to embrace it in their life.

Her Projects at Family and Community Services also included crafts , creative play, and festivals . Penny particularly enjoys the Go fly a kite annual festival. Penny’s passions are family (hers and others), community building, her cat Hobbes, reading. Riding the Harley , plus the occasional kite flying. Now retired focuses on family, travel, which includes sailing the seas when circumstances allow

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