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YOUR NAME: D’Art of living
Trip Title: Location: We Be Chillin on Tranquil Little Cayman
May 15-20 2017

Incredible Background Photo

1 Sentence that Immediately Qualifies Your Audience:
If you are a woman who needs to chill out and re-balance Yourself, looking to refresh and gladden your spirit, join Debbi Truchan to immerse yourself in nature while you creatively learn strategies to clarify your purpose to live life with joyfulness.

SECTION 2: INTRO The Little Cayman Tranquil Retreat
3-­‐6 Short, Juicy Paragraphs to Entice Participants & Introduce Trip Theme: Spectacular Photos of Your Location
Welcome to the Island that time forgot. Known for its magical natural beauty. The perfect place to immerse yourself in the ocean of its tranquility in order to glean new pearls of wisdom, with D’ Art of living adventurously threw creative , perceptive and spiritual activities.
Trust it This will Virtually be a life uplifting experience naturally giving you the space to delve into your life purpose and gain new wisdom
You will be enveloped by the Island Its soft sandy beaches and ebbing waves that call you to hammocks that slowly rock you under the swaying palms,. Its warm breezes as it caresses your cheek. . You will merge island life with meditation , visualization, creativity, and new strategies that bond you to D’ art of living your true purpose.
Enamored by the abundance of nature you will unite the splendor and gifts of nature to the spiritual realm enabling you to connect with joy
You will not forget the Island , when you are ,refreshed with healing salty seas, sung to by sweet song birds,, amazed with the abundance of radiantly colored fish, and even more awesome , when you spot a hiding seahorse or roaming turtle. People repeatedly come to dive/ snorkel the Wall . A blissful beauty indescribable ,an experience a must. Something beyond anything experienced before.
The Little Cayman Rock Iguana roams royally ( as you will also) as they have the right of way. You will see their personalities charm and their appearance will remind you of a time passed.. As you sink your toes in the soft pink sand you’ll be mesmerized by the sparkling sea , only to look up to see sunrise every color of yellow, orange and red you can imagine. + sunsets so stirring they demand silence and with the anticipation of seeing the famous green flash. Then there is abundant butterflies and brilliant brilliant stars, both emanating their own wisdom exemplifying and encouraging deeper thought.. This may be the Island that time forgot . But once experienced you will never forget.

Entranced? I thought so!
5 Bulleted Sentences of Your Specific Promise:

Here is My Promise
On this Immersing Retreat to the Island Time forgot you will:
Define your unique gifts, talents and qualities with new strategies to joyfully live your life purpose
experience how to merge and connect the physical realities of nature to spiritual principals using abundant natural island beauty to infuse its influence as you build your character utilizing new strategies and views
enhance and deepen your spiritual practices by absorbing nature , honoring your gifts and others, experiencing ceremony, and creating traditions.
Cleanse your mind and body while exfoliating with soft sand at the seashore and morning juicing.
Connect with your beauty and creative self with a private photo shoot and meaningful crafts.
Short, Numbered Drool Worthy Descriptions on Activities/Food/Other Trip Highlights:
1. immerse yourself in nature on a tranquil island connecting to spirit
2. walk out your beach house doorstep to sunrises or sunsets that connect you to awesome
3.sip fresh juices or wheat-grass pick-me -up under the sea grape tree and be refreshed
4. Experience exotic local foods like coconut kefir and sand pear salad and local -fusion dishes or eat a fresh mango in the sea so you may incorporate them in your culinary choices
5. have a traditional afternoon tea and a luminescence glass bottom boat tour
6.exfoliate you body at point of sand and choose a terrific spa treatment to show honor for your body
7.gaze at the brilliant stars as you wait for nesting turtles meanwhile reflecting on their significance to you
8 . create connecting memories, friendships and have a private photo shoot as a reminder that you truly have learn D’ art of Living

Call to Action Text: ready to immerse yourself?

Beautifully Worded Descriptions on Daily Activities that Relate to Your Theme:

Day 1. Welcome to D’ island , D’ Participants and D’ retreat
Once introduced you will relax, Breath deep and enjoy the soft sand body scrub in the sea. As you exfoliate the body and clear the mind to prepare for the introduction to new thought and strategies..
The flavors of the Island will entice you further as you sip a cool refreshing traditional drink called swanky and gather at the welcome dinner to taste a selection of island delights. The day will not be out done by the night , a drumming offering, plus the stars in their greeting to you . It is sure you will certainly be mentioning them in your evening journal entry.

Day 2. Morning session stumbling Blocks to Stepping stones,
This where we will look at our past challenges and how to see them as learning’s, see what is missing , , what attributes will balance our virtues. Our activities will reinforce those learning’s . They are
making a sea shell embellished mirror after collecting beach treasures,
stunning sunset and turtle watch under the brilliant star lite night
Day 3. Morning session: setting clear boundaries
you will understand and learn how to create a safe haven , a climate for kindness, safety and self -esteem .
Fire roasted lunch on a private Island, is yours today , with plenty of afternoon free time, then ending the evening with a luminescence glass bottom boat tour of the mangroves

Day 4. morning session: Honoring the spirit -Respecting our Diversity
Honoring you. Guided meditations, reflections. We will share our gifts, our gems within,
The afternoon is Devoted to you day…. of spa treatment , photo shoot and decadent starlight dinner.

Day 5. Morning session: D’ Art of Living Joyfully
A Traditional afternoon Tea. Plus a Clarifying private Companioning session. Ending the afternoon with a closing ceremony

(Add as necessary)

1 Incredible Photo/Day

Call to Action Text: ready to re treat yourself

Bulleted List of What’s Included that Sounds Divine:
Flight to and from Grand Cayman to Little Cayman
Transport to and from airport to facility
Transport to activities
Double occupancy Beach house accommodations
Delicious tropical meals ,snacks and refreshments
Luminescence glass bottom boat tour
Spa treatment
Beautiful and Meaningful craft lessons to include supplies
Private photo shoot
Strategies to create a joyful life
One on one Spiritual Companioning
Unique journal book for your retreat

Stunning Photo
Bulleted List of What’s NOT Included: Beautiful Photo
Your round-trip airfare from Home to Grand Cayman
Daily maid service
Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, personal phone calls, extra spa services,
Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

Call to Action Text:

Short Bio, Told as Your Story: Gorgeous Headshot
Deborah P. Truchan Believes in D’ Art of Living. To divinely live a life of joy. creating each moment using our inherent, and unique qualities , then to express in action our passion. Also as we see, hear, think ,and act together with diversity towards building and supporting a safe community. She practices this as a wife, foster/mother, authored and award winning chef ,recreation therapist, Virtues Project Facilitator , educator, studier of the Quantum , community volunteer, clown, face painter, artist, events planner, and retreat leader. Definitely a change agent , with a wee bit of magic, and with a lot of resources. She welcomes the opportunity to retreat with you.
While living on a sailboat in the Vancouver harbor Penny De Marsh attended Langara College where she obtained her Early Childhood Diploma. She also started here family Then as the boat got to small she moved to Alberta with her husband , two sons and two cats . And of course her Harley In 2004 she completed her Virtues Project Facilitator Training and now leads groups in learning the language of the virtues and ways to embrace it in their life. her passion is guiding and supporting families. she has guided parents to consistently set and achieve goals for themselves and for their children by leading groups in learning the language of the virtues and ways to embrace it in their life.
Her Projects at Family and Community Services also include crafts , creative play, and festivals . Penny particularly enjoys the Go fly a kite annual festival. Penny’s passions are family (hers and others), community building, her cat Hobbes, reading. Riding the Harley , plus the occasional kite flying

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