Beautifully Worded Descriptions on Daily Activities that Relate to Your Theme:

Day 1. Welcome to D’ island , D’ Participants and D’ retreat

Once introduced you will relax, Breath deep and enjoy the soft sand body scrub in the sea. As you exfoliate the body and clear the mind to prepare for the introduction to new thought and strategies..

The flavors of the Island will entice you further as you sip a cool refreshing traditional drink called swanky and gather at the welcome dinner to taste a selection of island delights. The day will not be out done by the night , a drumming offering, plus the stars in their greeting to you . It is sure you will certainly be mentioning them in your evening journal entry.

Day 2. Morning session stumbling Blocks to Stepping stones,

This where we will look at our past challenges and how to see them as learning’s, see what is missing , , what attributes will balance our virtues. Our activities will reinforce those learning’s . They are

making a sea shell embellished mirror after collecting beach treasures,

stunning sunset and turtle watch under the brilliant star lite night


Day 3. Morning session: setting clear boundaries

you will understand and learn how to create a safe haven , a climate for kindness, safety and self -esteem .

Fire roasted lunch on a private Island, is yours today , with plenty of afternoon free time, then ending the evening with a luminescence glass bottom boat tour of the mangroves

Day 4. morning session: Honoring the spirit -Respecting our Diversity

Honoring you. Guided meditations, reflections. We will share our gifts, our gems within,

The afternoon is Devoted to you day…. of spa treatment , photo shoot and decadent starlight dinner.

Day 5. Morning session: D’ Art of Living Joyfully


A Traditional afternoon Tea. Plus a Clarifying private Companioning session. Ending the afternoon with a closing ceremony

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