Little Cayman

SECTION 2: INTRO The Little Cayman Tranquil Retreat
3-­‐6 Short, Juicy Paragraphs to Entice Participants & Introduce Trip Theme: Spectacular Photos of Your Location
Welcome to the Island that time forgot. Known for its magical natural beauty. The perfect place to immerse yourself in the ocean of its tranquility in order to glean new pearls of wisdom, with D’ Art of living adventurously threw creative , perceptive and spiritual activities.
Trust it This will Virtually be a life uplifting experience naturally giving you the space to delve into your life purpose and gain new wisdom
You will be enveloped by the Island Its soft sandy beaches and ebbing waves that call you to hammocks that slowly rock you under the swaying palms,. Its warm breezes as it caresses your cheek. . You will merge island life with meditation , visualization, creativity, and new strategies that bond you to D’ art of living your true purpose.
Enamored by the abundance of nature you will unite the splendor and gifts of nature to the spiritual realm enabling you to connect with joy
You will not forget the Island , when you are ,refreshed with healing salty seas, sung to by sweet song birds,, amazed with the abundance of radiantly colored fish, and even more awesome , when you spot a hiding seahorse or roaming turtle. People repeatedly come to dive/ snorkel the Wall . A blissful beauty indescribable ,an experience a must. Something beyond anything experienced before.
The Little Cayman Rock Iguana roams royally ( as you will also) as they have the right of way. You will see their personalities charm and their appearance will remind you of a time passed.. As you sink your toes in the soft pink sand you’ll be mesmerized by the sparkling sea , only to look up to see sunrise every color of yellow, orange and red you can imagine. + sunsets so stirring they demand silence and with the anticipation of seeing the famous green flash. Then there is abundant butterflies and brilliant brilliant stars, both emanating their own wisdom exemplifying and encouraging deeper thought.. This may be the Island that time forgot . But once experienced you will never forget.

Entranced? I thought so!

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